HVCB offers an extensive image and b-roll library that includes scenic shots covering the six major Hawaiian Islands, as well as various subjects including culture, activities/attractions, cuisine, romance, family, health/wellness, and more to assist with your Hawaii travel productions/articles.
Click here to visit the Knowledge Bank and register for an account by selecting “media login.” Use the filters on the left side of the screen to select certain islands and note photo credit listed on each image.
When selecting images, choose photos that capture an authentic moment. Please keep the following in mind as you’re searching for visual assets to complement your story:
  • Images must reflect the correct island (do not use a Kauai image for a Maui story). 
  • Images must be shot in Hawaii. 
  • Images should not be flipped, skewed or otherwise altered in a way that renders them visually inaccurate. 
  • Natural beauty is one of The Hawaiian Islands’ brand pillars, so images should not be over-edited or colorized. 
  • The use of drones is prohibited. Any exceptions must first be approved by the Federal Aviation Agency.


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