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Postpone Bedtime For An Evening Jaunt

Hawaii may be best known for its sun, sand, and surf, but even after the sun sets there’s plenty for keiki (kids) to see and do that is both fun and educational. So, while you may be eager to put the children to bed, why not treat them to one night out past their curfew. After all, they are on vacation. Here are a few ideas to keep the little rascals entertained past bedtime:

  • Not all evening entertainment in Hawaii comes in the form of a luau. The kids will be sitting on the edge of their seats at these family-friendly productions including HA Breath of Life and Magic of Polynesia on Oahu orUlalena and Cirque Polynesia on Maui.
  • Nighttime provides the best opportunity to see Mother Nature’s other forms of natural light shine. Relax under a blanket of stars on a tour to the summit of Mauna Kea or from the roof of the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa. Or, experience the lava flow at Kilauea as it lights up the night sky with a fluorescent red glow.
  • Most of the animal kingdom comes alive when we’re asleep. Learn what happens with the animals at night during a sleepover at Oahu’s Honolulu Zoo or the Maui Ocean Center. Or, suit up for a nighttime dive off the Kona Coast on Hawaii Island to swim with the manta rays.

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