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Discover Hawaii Through Keiki Stories
Discover Hawaii Through Keiki Stories
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Discover Hawaii Through Keiki Stories


Ancient Hawaiians used storytelling as a way to pass on their experiences and values to younger generations. Today, these same values continue to be shared with local and visiting keiki (kids) through fun, colorful tales set in the Hawaiian Islands. These stories take keiki on a magical journey to Hawaii to swim with the honu (sea turtles) in the Pacific Ocean, dance the hula at a luau in Waikiki, or find hidden waterfalls in the valley, all while teaching them the core ideals of Hawaiian culture including having aloha (love) and hoihi (respect) for the past and everything and everyone around them. Whether you’re physically visiting the Islands or experiencing Hawaii through your imagination, there are always new adventures for parents and children to discover together. Until your next trip to the Hawaiian Islands, explore the spirit of aloha with your child through these three new titles:

  • “Maile and the Huli Hula Chicken” by Mary Braffet

Maile and her cousin, Lani, practice their hula for the big baby luau. In the middle of their dance, a stray chicken joins them, running around and around until flying and landing right on top of Maile’s head. Will the chicken join their hula when they perform for family and friends at the luau?

  • “Naia To The Rescue” by Katie Grove-Velasquez

Naia (dolphin) is back and in this brand new adventure, she finds her friend Honu (turtle) in trouble. Kids will be on the edge of their seat as they read along and find out how Naia is able to help her friend. Naia to the Rescue is a story of friendship, perseverance, loyalty, and overcoming fear.

  • “A Hawaii Christmas Tail” by Riki Inzano

Puilani is a humpback whale. It is time for his pod to make the long trip from Alaska to Hawaii. On their journey, a winter storm swells up. In the rising rushing waves, Puilani gets separated from his pod. As the skies clear, he sees a bright red light in the sky speeding towards the water. What could it be? Find out how this little humpback whale saves Santa and Christmas for Hawaii’s kids!

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