Oahu Travel Information

Getting to Oahu 
Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu is Hawaii’s major airport, serving as the entry point for the majority of visitors to Hawaii. All major domestic carriers and many international carriers serve Oahu, so you can get here from just about anywhere. Since Hawaii is the 50th state, you won’t need your passport unless you’re visiting from outside the United States or traveling to another country beyond Hawaii.

Staying on Oahu 
You’ll find accommodations on Oahu ranging from hotels, luxury resorts, boutiques, rentals and bed and breakfasts. You’ll find the majority of Oahu’s hotels and resorts in Waikiki on Honolulu’s south shore. Beyond Waikiki, you can find luxury resorts in east Honolulu, the North Shore and the Leeward Coast, as well as rental cottages and condos throughout the island.
Traveling on Oahu 
You can get around by car rental, shuttle, taxi or Oahu’s public transportation system. Many visitors enjoy taking bus tours to conveniently explore the island. Others rent mopeds and motorcycles. But to really experience all that Oahu offers, you should consider reserving a rental car in advance from the Honolulu International Airport.

Oahu’s city transportation system is aptly named TheBus. Fares are reasonable, routes are extensive and there are special visitor passes for multiple day uses. For more information on fares, bus routes to popular attractions and other useful information visit http://www.thebus.org.

Another affordable option is the Waikiki Trolley. The routes and destinations are not as extensive as TheBus, but the Waikiki Trolley makes stops to most major visitor attractions and sells visitor passes for multiple day uses. For more information visit http://www.waikikitrolley.com or call (808) 593-2822.

Taxis are a great way to travel around Honolulu, especially in a group when the cost can be shared. You can find taxi stands at most major shopping centers, in the business district and at the airport. Note that rather than hailing a cab, finding taxi stands at major shopping centers and businesses as well as calling for pick-ups via hotel concierge or phone is the norm in Hawaii.

Travel times from Waikiki to: 
Honolulu International Airport: 30 min
Pearl Harbor: 30 min
Downtown Honolulu: 15 min
Polynesian Cultural Center: 75 min
Haleiwa Town (North Shore): 1 hour
Ko Olina: 45 minutes

Useful phone numbers: 
The area code for the state of Hawaii is (808)
Honolulu International Airport Visitor Information: (808) 836-6413
Agricultural Inspection: (808) 832-0566

Did you know that Iolani Palace is the only royal palace in the United States?

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