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Turn The Heat Up At Ha!

July 1, 2012


If you're looking for nail biting, edge of your seat, culturally rich excitement you'll find it at Polynesian Cultural Center’s famous evening show, Ha: Breath of Life.


The show is built around an age old coming of age story that is relatable to visitors of all ages and very easy to follow. Warning, this show is a tear jerker for the faint of heart. I was so surprised when I found myself getting emotional during certain scenes. However, as quickly as the mood came, there was comic and cultural relief. From the graceful hula dancing from Hawaii to the thrilling fire dancing from Samoa, I found myself going up and down in my seat just as much as a basketball game. The crowd felt a connection as well since many of them were cheering along with the cast.


The next time you're on Oahu, be sure to venture out of Waikīkī and head to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Go for the experience, and stay for the excitement! For more information, please visit
Photos courtesy of the Polynesian Cultural Center